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Winnipeg Lawyers for Over 45 Years

Cassidy Ramsay provides knowledgeable legal counsel in a wide range of practice areas.


Established in the mid-1970s in Winnipeg, Cassidy Ramsay Barristers, Solicitors & Notaries is a law firm with a team of lawyers from a range of practice areas. We offer a full range of inexpensive notary services. Our expert notaries will notarize your affidavits, statutory declarations and other documents quickly, easily and securely. These services are offered by expert lawyers who follow a strong work ethic and are licensed.


Cassidy Ramsay’s lawyers are highly capable and devoted notaries with years of experience in legal services. We can manage all your legal services needs with just one phone call. We’re always here to help, even when the matter is urgent. A fully qualified notary will attend to your legalization needs. We offer you quick services that will your time and money. Contact us now for more details.


Overview of Notarization

When it comes to properties such as houses and lands, notarizing a document is necessary. A notarized document is a document that has been approved by a notary public and assures that every member of the event is recognized, responsible, and capable of engaging. In short, notarization determines that both parties’ identity is real and not a borrowed or fake identity. This is to evade fraud and ensure proper execution of any document or contract. Financial institutions usually need this when a transaction is required concerning a property.


Notaries can take affidavits or declarations by inviting you to swear or declare that what is in a document is real and can verify that signatures, marks and copies of documents are genuine. The notaries are selected by the Ministry of the Attorney General following the Notaries Act. Notarization is seldom needed as the first step in the authentication process.


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richard l cassidy

Richard L. Cassidy, B.A., LL.B.

Richard received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Winnipeg and his Law Degree from the University of Manitoba in 1975.  Subsequently, he was accepted to the Manitoba Bar in 1976. Richard's primary areas of practice are in the field of corporate law, including federal and provincial incorporation, corporate restructuring, sale and purchase of shares, commercial real estate transactions, including leasing and financing, residential real estate purchases, sales and mortgaging, estates, wills, and powers of attorney.


John Ramsay,
B.A. (Ad.), LL.B.

John received his Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) Degree from the University of Manitoba in 1982 and his Law Degree from the University of Manitoba in 1985, and was accepted to the Manitoba Bar in 1986.

His practice is exclusively in the area of family and domestic law. John carries one of the most all-encompassing family law practices in the Province of Manitoba. John has extensive experience in all fields of domestic law including divorce, separation, custody, maintenance, child protection and the like. John has also lectured at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law Bar admission class and Continuing Education for the Law Society of Manitoba. 


Marietta Pellettieri, B.A., LL.B.

Marietta received her Arts Degree from the University of Winnipeg (1979) and her Law Degree from the University of Manitoba (1982). Primary areas of her practice for over 25 years have been real estate, wills and estates, and basic corporate and commercial law. For the past five years, she has also practiced family law, with a special emphasis on child protection. She adopts a cooperative and collaborative style of practice.

Marietta's practice also includes representing small business owners with their corporate and business related legal issues. She has also provided legal assistance to several cultural organizations in the establishment of their associations and/or non-profit charitable corporations. Marietta is also a Notary Public in the Province of Manitoba. The scope of her communication for legal advice includes English and Italian. Besides, she has been a speaker on various legal topics at the Law Society of Manitoba, Manitoba Real Estate Association, and to several special interest groups.

orest suchey

Orest Suchy

Orest received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba in 2012 and his Law Degree from the University of Manitoba in 2016 and was called to the Manitoba Bar in 2017.

His practice is exclusively in the area of family law and he has extensive experience in assisting clients with divorce and separation with the goal of resolving matters in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Orest also assists and has experience in matters involving guardianship and child protection.

He is also a notary public in the Province of Manitoba.

frank coniglio

Frank Coniglio

Bio coming soon

kirk windsor

Kirk Windsor

Bio coming soon

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