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Winnipeg Lawyers for Over 45 Years

Cassidy Ramsay provides knowledgeable legal counsel in a wide range of practice areas.


Cassidy Ramsay is the team you can count on when you need help with family law in Winnipeg. When you are in need of trusted family lawyers in the Winnipeg area, Cassidy Ramsay is the team you can count on. Whether you have to file a divorce or require legal representation for your child custody case, we've got you covered. Our lawyers have substantial experience with all facets of family law proceedings and ensure a compassionate and straightforward approach to your case. In an emotionally unsettling and stressful situation, we bring an air of stability and calmness. Our family lawyers represent your interests and protect your rights efficiently and effectively. Our team of lawyers in Winnipegspecialize in handling family law cases which involve real estate or a business. Call us today to learn more.

A Family Lawyer Appropriate to Your Case

Don’t leave your family’s future and security to chance. Contact Cassidy Ramsay today, and we will help you ensure that your family is prepared for whatever legal challenges arise. Whether you are adopting a child into your family or going through a divorce, we have got you covered. We will make sure to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case and provide you with your best course of action keeping in mind all your requirements. Call now to schedule an appointment.

Our family lawyers consult on:

Common law spouses
Custody and visitation rights
Protection order
Property division
Collaborative law
Prenuptial agreements
Will, trusts, and proxy

We invite you to Contact Cassidy Ramsay today if you require help with family law in Winnipeg. Our team is ready to address your concerns with reliable information.  

The Value and Support of a Family Lawyer

Lawyers at Cassidy Ramsay focus on security for you and your children. We offer knowledgeable and steady guidance to our clients during emotionally and financially messy situations. The value of having a family lawyer to support your interests includes

Skills in mediation and negotiation
Reasonable approach to emotional concerns
Experience with a variety of marital and family conflicts
Ability to formulate solutions for all involved parties
A focus on economic and emotional stability for the children involved
Fairness in division of possessions, assets and debts
Attention to detail and proper handling of paperwork

About Your First Meeting with a Family Lawyer

Meeting a lawyer for the first time should be a comfortable and healthy process. At Cassidy Ramsay, we provide a very friendly approach to our clients in order keep them well-prepared with ease of mind. Bringing information and documentation about income, property value, and debts and assets is a good start. Some of the questions and discussions to expect at your initial meeting include

The situation that brought you to a family lawyer
Information about your marriage and children such as dates and ages
Your living situation, such as separation agreement or living arrangements
Details about your working and domestic roles
Your goals for resolving the marital conflict
Your goals for child support and custody
Steps of the legal process, necessary documents and legal fees

Contact Us

If you want to discuss your family law case at our Winnipeg office, contact Cassidy Ramsay today.

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