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Impaired driving is a serious offence and can result in severe consequences, even for a first offence. Being accused of driving under the influence doesn’t only mean that your licence will be suspended, but you may endure other consequences too. Fines and imprisonment are related penalties you may be charged with if found guilty in DUI cases. If you are convicted in court, punishment can be devastating, resulting in damage to your income, employment, and relationships. At Cassidy Ramsay, we understand this situation can be stressful for you, but you should make an informed decision about seeking an attorney’s help. If you have been charged for impaired driving, don’t plead guilty. Call Cassidy Ramsay’s criminal defence team immediately.


If you’re facing charges in Winnipeg that may result in severe penalties such as prison time or heavy fines, then it is highly advised that you hire a criminal lawyer. The more serious the offence you’re being charged with, the more severe the consequences it will have. Therefore, hire a lawyer before the arraignment to understand what charges you are facing. 



Our skilled criminal lawyers can help your case in various stages: 

  • During the arraignment, our lawyer will represent you in the hearing and request your bail or recommend how you should plead guilty. 

  •  If you are recommended to plead not guilty, our lawyer will try to get your case dismissed at a pre-trial. 

  • Our lawyers go through every detail of your case. If there is a lack of evidence, our lawyer will try to get your case thrown out or get you a plea deal to reduce the charges at trial. 

  • After the trial, if the judge or the jury convicts you of the crime, our lawyer will try their best to get you minimum charges.  


We understand that every case is different. That is why we pay utmost attention to each case and provide personalized solutions. These are some of the ways your lawyer can help you fight off a criminal charge. To get in touch with Winnipeg’s leading criminal lawyers, click here. 

Benefits of Hiring Impaired Driving Lawyers

Many people are not aware of the importance of seeking a lawyer’s help in DUI cases. When charged in this case, hiring an attorney can be helpful in avoiding serious consequences. We not only establish a strong defence to protect your interest but also prepare you for trial if you plead not guilty. Other benefits of hiring criminal defence lawyers for impaired driving cases are as follows:

  • We will guide you through the legal rules and procedures.

  • We will communicate on your behalf under legal boundaries.

  • We will present strategic oral submissions in the court to defend you.

  • We will specialize in the area of law, and they have strong convincing power.

  • We possess the skills and knowledge to challenge evidence.

  • We will help you with plea negotiations.


Why Choose Us?

Cassidy Ramsay Barristers, Solicitors & Notaries is experienced with defending criminal cases. Our legal counselling and courtroom experience can be helpful for you in dealing with legal challenges. You can count in our 40 years of experience and strong knowledge in the field of law. We specialize in different areas of laws, including:
Family law
Real Estate
Corporate Law
Criminal Defence
Will, Estates


If you have been charged with a DUI or impaired driving in Winnipeg, discuss your case with us. Contact us immediately – do not plead guilty.

Let Us Help You Out of Trouble

If you have been charged for impaired driving, we can help you.

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