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Family law matters, especially divorces, can be incredibly challenging. They involve countless considerations, such as child custody, child support and the division of marital property, which can make the situation even more complicated. Not to mention that this can be an emotionally charged period for those involved, which can lead to problems such as a breakdown of productive communication. For this reason, having the assistance of an experienced lawyer by your side is non-negotiable. At Cassidy Ramsay, we are divorce lawyers in Winnipeg, who have the experience and know-how to make your divorce proceedings more manageable for you. 


We represent your rights. This means that we will uphold your rights and help you make decisions that support the health and well-being of your children. We can help you establish productive communication with your spouse, with our years of mediation experience. Our divorce lawyers in Winnipeg will handle all the legalities, so you can focus on more important tasks. 

We understand that every family law matter is unique. Our team provides a personalized legal approach to all our clients, and we practice the utmost discretion. Please contact us if you'd like to make an appointment.



Filing for divorce is not a simple task. First, you need to apply to the court for divorce. In order to divorce in Canada, you must meet certain requirements:


  • You and your spouse are legally married under the laws of Canada or another country

  • Your marriage has broken down

  • You have lived in the Canadian province in which you are filing the divorce application for at least a full year

While a court reviews your divorce documents, if you are not clear on each of the points you are making, the court may misunderstand your intentions and announce a ruling that runs counter to what you had intended. Our divorce lawyer in Winnipeg can make sure your wishes are accurately stated in legal documents so your rights are protected and your wishes are met.


A divorce is a complicated legal procedure that has many aspects. You can't get a divorce merely by agreeing to it with your spouse. In order for your divorce to be granted, the court must be given enough evidence to illustrate that your marriage has broken down. A marriage breakdown can be established through the following ways:


  • Separation: You can apply for a divorce if you and your spouse have lived separately for a year or more. 

  • Adultery: You can apply for a divorce if your spouse has committed adultery. The court will require you to provide evidence for the adultery. 

  • Cruelty: You can apply for a divorce if you can prove that your spouse has been mentally or physically cruel to you, which has made it unbearable for you to live with them.


Would you like to know more? Please reach out to our experienced divorce lawyers in Winnipeg. Besides this, you can acquire valuable information from our blog


Hiring a divorce lawyer in Winnipeg ensures you have professional legal advice at your fingertips and that your case is handled efficiently, and without delays. Even if you are working with papers provided by the court, completing these forms and providing enough information can be difficult. You may find that there are problems with the paperwork you filled out which could cause delays in your case. The experienced lawyers at Cassidy Ramsay understand the paperwork and the complexities of the law. If you have trouble getting all the necessary documents needed for your divorce, a divorce lawyer can walk you through the legal procedures and help you obtain them.


Here are a few more reasons for hiring a divorce lawyer from Cassidy Ramsay in Winnipeg: 


  • Experienced lawyers: Our divorce lawyers have a lot of experience when it comes to the process of handling a divorce. They have guided and assisted many clients through the course of their separation. That makes them experienced in handling divorces. Through their experience, they have understood how to manage different types of hurdles and obstacles.

  • Knowledgeable: When it comes to divorces, you must hire an attorney knowledgeable in their field. With their experience and education in law, our divorce lawyers have the knowledge that is needed to give you expert advice concerning your separation. They know all the procedures and all the tricks on how to handle and get the best out of a divorce. 

  • Avoid mistakes and delays: The divorce lawyers at Cassidy Ramsay assist you in avoiding any errors or delays in your divorce process. Hiring one of our lawyers will help you maneuver through it and reduce any costly mistakes with their expertise and experience. 

  • Handle paperwork: With our expertise, you can avoid doing tons of paperwork or any other problems with the potential to cause any delays and make the divorce process complete as soon as possible. Our experienced divorce lawyers will help you with all of their might and wisdom to get you what you want from the divorce and get you the best outcome while reducing your stress. 


Please check out our blog for some helpful information about divorce processes and how they can affect your real estate planning. Give us a call if you’d like to set up an appointment and speak with our lawyers. We are always happy to help you with all your legal requirements in Winnipeg.



Like most family law matters, divorce can stir up a lot of emotions and friction. Many spouses want the legal proceedings to unfold quickly and with as little drama as possible, especially if children are involved. Divorce mediation is one solution to consider if you want to settle your disputes outside of court. Mediation provides a structured process that creates a non-confrontational atmosphere between spouses. A mediator helps the disputants come to a peaceful compromise that both parties find acceptable. In general, mediation is often less expensive than a court trial. It gives you the chance to settle the issues based on your own ideas of what is fair in the situation as well as maintain a certain level of control over the whole process. You can also still seek the advice of a lawyer if desired.

For more information on divorce and mediation, please contact Cassidy Ramsay.


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