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Winnipeg Lawyers for Over 45 Years

Cassidy Ramsay provides knowledgeable legal counsel in various of practice areas.


Cassidy Ramsay offers comprehensive business and corporate law services, including registration, filings, and operations in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Running a business can be hectic and fraught with complications. When a decision may impact your business’s future, seek help from an experienced lawyer. Corporate lawyers ensure that commercial transactions are legal. The lawyer should have the required knowledge of statutory law and regulations approved by government agencies so that clients can achieve their goals within the law boundaries. Contact us today to hire our business and corporate lawyer in Winnipeg.


How Can a Corporate Lawyer Help?

From business name registrations to shareholder agreements, the lawyers at Cassidy Ramsay can advise you on all things related to business law. With 40 years of experience in legal practice, you can count on us to provide you with reliable advice related to corporate law. Our experience has taught us the best legal practices and the most efficient ways to navigate our country's often complicated legal system. Thus, we can help you with quick solutions to all the legal problems you might face in Winnipeg.


Don’t make a costly mistake affecting your long-term cash flow, productivity, or reputation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our experienced business and corporate lawyer in Winnipeg.

Learn More About Manitoba’s Corporate Law

Corporate law is the rules, laws, regulations, and practices that control corporations' formation and operation. It regulates the legal entities that perform business operations. The principles of corporate law are legal personality, limited liability, transferable shares, delegated management, and investor ownership. The critical resources involved in a corporation's activities or operations are owners, directors, offices, employees, creditors, and debtors.

Responsibilities of Corporate Lawyers at Cassidy Ramsay

We provide business and corporate lawyer in Winnipeg who advise businesses of various sectors according to their needs. We can handle corporate law matters for multinational companies, financial institutions, early-stage companies, partnerships, cooperative societies, and individual investors.

Our attorneys have experience in handling public and private mergers and acquisitions. As a result, corporations and private businesses can rely on us for advice on strategic matters and day-to-day company law and regulatory concerns.

Our Corporate and Business Law Services Include:

Cassidy Ramsay is a host of business and corporate lawyer in Winnipeg. They help you run your business in a perfectly legal and hassle-free manner by providing you with various services, including:

Incorporation of share and non-share/non-profit companies
Shareholder agreements
Business name registrations
Purchase and share of business assets
Required business filings
Corporate or owner succession planning
Mergers and acquisitions
Joint ventures
Strategic alliances
Structuring stock options
Foreign direct investments
Formation and dissolution of entities
Regulatory reporting

Managing the organization's legal structure and regulations

Preventing director liability issues
Board remuneration policies

Why Choose Our Lawyers?


With 40 years of legal experience behind us, we are the right people to guide you as you work hard to build your empire or take your business to new heights. Cassidy Ramsay understands that setting up a business takes great effort, and we are always willing to do all it takes to provide you with legal support so that the law can never hinder your business’s growth. Like you, we aim to achieve the best for your business, and our entire team is willing to put in great effort to make that possible.


We also provide legal services in domains other than corporate law, and thus, when we sit with you to help your business from a legal standpoint, we do not look at things in a cocoon. Instead, we look at the holistic impact of your business and how it can, if at all, be affected by different laws, rules, etc. Along with legal expertise, we also bring convenience to the table. Our notaries can notarize your affidavits, statutory declarations and other documents quickly and hassle-free.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have questions about our business and corporate lawyer services in Winnipeg, please review the following commonly asked questions along with our detailed answers:


1. If I Hire a Corporate Lawyer, Can He Help Me Handle My Agreements?

A corporate lawyer can draft, negotiate, and review your agreements to check if they violate the law. Additionally, they make things simple for you to understand.


2. How Can a Corporate Lawyer Protect Me If My Business Is Involved in a Legal Dispute?

An experienced business and corporate lawyer can provide protection in legal disputes by representing your interests effectively. Their expertise extends to negotiating settlements and navigating litigation to achieve favorable outcomes.


3. Does My Startup Require a Business Lawyer?

Hiring a corporate lawyer helps ensure your startup's formalities and paperwork comply with the law. A corporate lawyer also helps protect your intellectual property and promote your startup's growth.


4. How Can a Business Lawyer Aid in Mergers and Acquisitions?

Hiring a skilled corporate lawyer is indispensable during mergers and acquisitions. They manage transactional documents meticulously, ensuring an efficient process from start to finish.


5. Do You Offer Legal Services for Established Businesses?

Yes, Cassidy Ramsay provides a wide range of legal services for established businesses. These include corporate governance, strategic counsel, employment law advice, contract management, and proficient dispute resolution. We extend our expertise to both established companies and those in the process of formation, positioning ourselves as a resource for all corporate legal needs.


Our goal is to ensure that your business runs smoothly and complies with the law for which we provide our legal services. 

Contact Us

After working with our attorneys, you can be confident that you and your investors will be protected from almost all legal concerns related to business.

Cassidy Ramsay invites you to schedule an appointment or book a consultation regarding your legal issues. We can answer all your corporate or business law questions in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.

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