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Cassidy Ramsay provides professional and knowledgeable legal services to Winnipeg and the surrounding area.


Cassidy Ramsay is a trusted and reputable law firm in Winnipeg comprised of highly skilled lawyers who prioritize client satisfaction. With a client-oriented approach, we aim to build lasting relationships by providing legal advice for your long-term benefit. Our experienced lawyers in Winnipeg have over 45 years of expertise, ensuring comprehensive solutions for various legal matters. From family law, wills and estates, and real estate law to corporate/business law and criminal law, we have successfully handled cases since the 1970s. Our dedicated team is committed to understanding your unique needs, building trust, and delivering efficient results. Contact and consult our approachable and professional lawyers in Winnipeg today to address your legal concerns effectively.


Since the 1970s, we have successfully handled cases related to family law, wills and estates, real estate law, corporate/business law, criminal law and more. Feel free to call and consult our approachable and professional lawyers in Winnipeg today.


Our Areas of Practice:

If you seek dependable lawyers in Winnipeg to cater to your legal needs, Cassidy Ramsay is the firm you can rely on. Our team comprises experienced and compassionate barristers, solicitors, and notaries specializing in various practice areas.

Family Law

Family law: Our skilled lawyers understand the complexities of family relationships. Whether you need assistance with adoption, divorce, child custody, or other family disputes, we provide expert guidance and strive for efficient resolutions.

Business Corporate Law

Business/corporate law: Our knowledgeable corporate lawyers in Winnipeg offer reliable expertise for individuals and businesses. We handle a wide range of legal needs, ensuring compliance and minimizing legal complications that could prove costly.

Immigration,Refugee Law

Criminal law: Our experienced lawyers will vigorously defend your rights when faced with criminal charges. From theft and fraud to sexual offences or murder, we provide expert representation and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law: Our real estate law team ensures smooth transactions and compliance with legal requirements. Whether you are buying or selling property, our lawyers navigate the complexities to minimize conflicts and ensure a fair process.

Wills, Estates and Powers of Attorney

Wills, estates, and powers of attorney: Our team provides personalized assistance for comprehensive estate planning. We understand the importance of proper documentation and guide you through wills, estates, and powers of attorney to ensure your wishes are respected.

At Cassidy Ramsay, we are committed to delivering efficient and accessible legal services in Winnipeg. Trust our professional lawyers to handle your legal matters with expertise and compassion. Contact us today for dependable assistance tailored to your needs.


The Advantage of Professional Legal Advice

With over 45 years of experience, Cassidy Ramsay has been a trusted source of knowledgeable and professional legal counsel in Winnipeg. Whether you require assistance with child custody arrangements, drafting real estate contracts, or resolving owner/tenant disputes, our team is dedicated to guiding you through the complex legal process while protecting your interests.


By seeking advice from our legal consultants, you can benefit from several advantages:

  • A professional evaluation of your case is based on a thorough assessment of facts from a legal perspective.

  • Awareness of your rights and obligations empowers you to take appropriate legal action.

  • Confidential discussions where every detail can be addressed without privacy concerns.

  • Efficient legal support for timely and fair dispute resolution at an affordable cost.

  • The potential to significantly impact the outcome of your case.

At Cassidy Ramsay, we prioritize meeting our client's goals and strive to go above and beyond to provide exceptional service. You can explore our blog for valuable resources, and our lawyers are available by appointment at your convenience. Contact Cassidy Ramsay in Winnipeg today to learn more about our comprehensive legal services. We are here to address any questions you may have.

Professional Affiliations

Law Society of Manitoba
The Canadian Bar Association

Personal and Business Legal Services

Our diverse practice range means we have a lawyer ready to evaluate your specific case.


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Protect your rights by retaining a lawyer for family law proceedings.


Serving Winnipeg for
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We have the knowledge and experience to provide your case with professional legal counsel.

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