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At Cassidy Ramsay, we strongly believe that a solid estate plan is crucial in ensuring that your loved ones, business interests and assets are protected in the future. Estate planning, which also includes drafting a will, is a delicate process, but you don't have to undertake it by yourself. Our wills and estate lawyers in Winnipeg have years of experience, and an ongoing dedication in supporting you in creating wills and estates that reflect your wishes and are shielded from any contestations. Our holistic approach enables us to provide you with a comprehensive experience that incorporates your personal and financial situation into account. We go out of our way to understand your concerns regarding your estate plan and work with you closely to create a strategy that works for you. 


We can support you through all the stages of the estate planning and drafting process. This means that we can even provide you with legal assistance for matters such as probate and the administration of the estate. 

Please contact our wills and estate lawyers in Winnipeg if you'd like to make an appointment. You can also acquire valuable information from our blog.


Our legal services with regard to wills and estates include:


Our lawyers will help you navigate your business and estate so that you can plan for your family's future. Our will and estates lawyer assists you in the following areas and will thoroughly review your family and financial situation to help you draft a will:

Preparation of wills and codicils
Powers of attorney Application for probate
Application for probate and/or administration of estates


Our wills and estates lawyers in Winnipeg are frequently asked the following questions by our clients:

What Is Probate? 
In simple terms, the process of determining whether or not a will is valid by the court is probate. The process goes beyond just the will's validity and covers the meaning of the will's terms. Once the court confirms the will's validity, it will issue a Grant of Probate to the executor/executrix. 
What Is a Power of Attorney? 
Both Will and Power of Attorney are legal documents that dictates your wishes on your property, possession and loved ones. When you give Power of Attorney to someone, you give them the authority to act on your behalf or to perform particular acts. In other words, Power of Attorney is about continuing your wishes while you are alive until your death. On the other hand, your will is about what happens after you die.


What Happens If I Die Without a Will?

In case one dies without a valid will, it will leave them in an intestate. In this case, the government will step in to govern how the property of the deceased will be settled among their relatives. As one must understand, this can cause a lot of confusion thus, it is highly recommended that you write a will in which our wills and estate lawyers can help you understand the nitty gritties of this.

Why Should I Have a Power of Attorney? 
Assigning a Power of Attorney gives you control over decisions regarding your property and affairs if you lose your mental capacity or mobility.  
What Is a Health Care Directive? 
A Health Care Directive also called a living will, lists out medical procedures you do or do not want. It covers the scenario where you're unable to make these decisions yourself.  


If you need the help of our wills and estates lawyers in Winnipeg, we invite you to reach out to us. Spare some time to read the latest blogs featuring informative content about estate planning, the child support process, the importance of having a will and more.  

Why Hire Wills and Estate Lawyers?

Wills and estates are complicated matters that require expertise. There are many reasons to hire wills and estates lawyers, such as:

  • Enforceable plan: Wills and estate plans need to comply with the relevant regulations to be valid. Lawyers will help you create an estate plan that is enforceable and doesn't have any errors.

  • Customization: A seasoned estate lawyer has the ability to understand all your wishes and ensure that they're incorporated into your will and estate plan. They will minimize the chances of any future challenges and distribute your assets in the manner that you desire. 

  • Taxes: Estates can be subjected to heavy taxation, which can threaten the financial future of your loved ones. Lawyers can help you create a will that bypasses any unnecessary taxes. 

Preparing an estate plan by yourself can cost your family their financial future. We invite you to reach out to our wills and estate lawyers in Winnipeg for support. Besides this, we can help you with family law matters.

Get the Legal Support You Need

Our wills and estates lawyer in Winnipeg can help you secure the financial future of your loved ones.

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