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Steps to Finding a Good Family Attorney

Family attorney winnipeg

A family attorney can be a great asset for many Canadians. Over two years, family law cases accounted for one-third of all the country's 907,000!

In the following article, we'll look at how you can find the right attorney in five easy steps. Keep reading to learn more.



Use the Web to Narrow Your Search


One of the most valuable tools in your family law search will be the Internet. Most attorneys today can be reached via email, contact form, or social media. More importantly, you can see what others' experiences with these attorneys have been.

A poor review does not necessarily make for a bad attorney, but it can be a red flag about working with them. Questions like the following should be coming to mind:

  • How did the attorney respond?

  • What is the consensus about this attorney when weighing in all reviews?

  • If an attorney doesn't put much into how they are perceived publicly, will they put the same lack of effort into my case?

  • Listen to what people are saying. Also, listen to the totality of the evidence before passing judgment.


Plan the Initial Consultation


Once a family lawyer catches your eye, plan that initial consultation. These won't cost you anything but your time. By the time you leave, you should have a specific idea as to whether the attorney is qualified to argue your case, whether they're willing to argue it, and what the scope of their services will entail.


Come With Questions


As you sit with different family attorneys in these initial consultations, you should come prepared with a list of questions. Here are the ones we suggest leading with: 

  • How many family law cases have you worked on?

  • What has been the nature of some of those cases?

  • In your experience, how do judges usually respond to someone in my specific situation?

  • How many of your cases go to trial?

  • Any experience doing estate plans?

  • How much do most divorce cases cost?

Your attorney won't be able to answer some of these questions definitively. However, they should be able to play scenarios with you to understand what to expect in each situation, from best to worst and in-between.


Beware of Red Flags


Many family lawyers are carrying several cases at a time, but that should not be a reason to treat you like an afterthought. Be leery of attorneys who are poor communicators or make it difficult for you to reach them.

Attorneys who communicate poorly could jeopardize your case. Be aware of these and other red flags as you work together.


Discuss Cost


Cost is an important factor for you, as we've already discussed. Finding a family attorney should be transparent in the pricing, especially if you're one of the growing numbers of Canadians dealing with an impending divorce. You should know what you're getting from the outset and be well aware of any additional costs, fees, and expenses that might factor in. 


Find a Family Attorney Who Specializes in Your Need


The best family attorney is one who treats you like a priority. These individuals will always leave you feeling satisfied with your representation and as pleased with the outcome as you can be given the totality of circumstances. 

Follow the steps we've presented here for the best results. If you're in the Winnepeg area and ready to move ahead with your case, contact Cassidy Ramsay to set your first appointment.


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